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Ecological Egypt - Sekem

Through our Senior Guide and Egyptologist - Hany Halim, we have a special relationship with this ecological village based outside of Cairo.

The SEKEM initiative was founded to realise the vision of sustainable human development. SEKEM aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of the individual, society and environment. A holistic concept encompassing integrated economic, social and cultural development forms the key SEKEM vision.

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish founded SEKEM 1977 in Egypt and he received the RIGHT LIVELIHOOD AWARD also known as the “ALTERNATIVE NOBEL PRIZE” for “establishing a business model for the 21st century in which commercial success is integrated with and promotes the social and cultural development of society through economics of love.”

The Cooperative of SEKEM Employees (CSE)

The Cooperative of SEKEM Employees (CSE) provides SEKEM's employees with a direct means to realize their social life to the fullest. The CSE ensures that the human and democratic rights and values of SEKEM are adequately implemented. It addresses issues regarding civil rights in the workplace to guarantee a healthy and productive work environment. Every morning employees from each company and institution meet to briefly report on the accomplishments of the previous day and their plans for the current day. This allows each person to experience a sense of equality as a member of the SEKEM community. Each company has a human resources officer who is responsible for employee affairs, training, career development and medical care to ensure a healthy and productive work environment.

The Cooperative of SEKEM Employees seeks to develop social forms that ensure respect for the dignity of man, guarantee the equality among all employees, strengthen bonds of brotherhood and provide venues and expressions of opinions and ideas.

Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA)

The Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) is a NGO that provides biodynamic research and extension service to farmers all over Egypt. Its continuous training covers in a wide range of activities related to organic farming, from composting to grape pruning to integrated pest management.

EBDA provides the training and expertise needed to enable a farmer to have his land inspected and certified as organic according to EU standards.

Through multilateral cooperation with other organizations, EBDA raises awareness of the organic agricultural method that works actively with the life giving forces of nature. Building on SEKEM's experience, expertise and success in the biodynamic cultivation of herbs, cereals and vegetables, EBDA was the first in the world to cultivate and harvest biodynamic cotton in 1991 both on an experimental and a commercial scale.

A direct result was the landmark achievement of reducing the use of synthetic pesticides in Egypt by over 90%, from over 35000 tonnes per year to about 3000 tonnes. At the same time, the average yield of raw cotton was increased by almost 30 percent, and the fibre elasticity and overall quality was improved, compared to cotton grown with conventional methods.

To enhance the effect and efficiency of its activities and endeavours, EBDA is developing a knowledge database designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of information between all parties interested in organic agriculture. The rationale of the database is to serve the needs of researchers, engineers, farmers and producers in organic agriculture.

Groups will consist of around 20 people and accommodation will be in the village bungalows.

Available dates of travel:

Most dates are available and can be arranged upon enquiry. It is also possible to combine this ecological visit with visits to the more traditional sites of Egyptian Antiquities.

Please state your particular area of interest when enquiring and we will liaise with Sekem to provide a specialised program of visits and activities.


7 Days ONLY £ 600 per person
12 Days ONLY £ 800 per person
14 Days ONLY £ 900 per person
(prices based on two sharing either a twin or double room).


NB. Prices include all flights, accomodation, transfers and transport in Egypt, entrance fees to museums and sites of antiquities and visits as listed in the itinerary and the services of a tour guide and Egyptologist, but are subject to small price fluctuations, airport tax and fuel surcharges as applied by the airlines at the time of booking. From time to time it may be necessary to change the order of the itinerary due to flight times and train timetables - we do, however, endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum.


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