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Educational Visits to Jordan

Petra Nights Tour (for Educational Visits)

8 days

School trips to Jordan and Educational tourThe Petra Nights Tour offers all the Classic sites in Jordan as well as the opportunity to take part in some other exciting and unusual excursions. We would recommend this programme for all types of Student groups and we can arrange excellent accommodation at a price to suit your budget.

This programme offers something for everyone. It is a perfect balance between learning and leisure - there are links to most subjects as well, with History being the most obvious.

Student Group travel to JordanThe trip begins in Amman, the capital of Jordan and your group will visit the best example of a Roman provincial city it the Middle East. This includes the Roman Forum, a Roman colonnaded street, the Nymphaeum, the Temple of Artemis and St. Cosmos and St. Demeaners Churches.

No trip to Jordan would be complete without a visit to the Dead Sea where bathers can experience the unique phenomenon of being unable to sink in water. As well as the leisure aspects, a visit to the area of the Dead Sea would be of interest to Geography and Biology students and provide them with the opportunity to study this truly wonderful area.

Educational tours to JordanThe group will be taken on a city tour of Amman before driving out into the Eastern Jordan Desert to see the Roman, Medieval and Islamic castles and forts of Amra, Qasr Kha-ranah, Qasr Al-Hallabat.

For students of Religion the visit to Mount Nebo will have an interest as the place where Moses overlooked the Promised Land before he died. This vantage point commands views of map of Palestinethe Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem. The group will visit the Old Monastery before continuing their journey to Madaba and the church of St. George that contains the famous 6th century Mosaic Map of Palestine. Kerak, which is the ancient Biblical capital of the Moabites is also the site of the crusader's castle built by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem. You will have the opportunity to explore the cavernous underground halls and dungeons as well as visiting the museum associated with this site.


school trips to JordanFor some, the highlight of the trip will be the full day visit to Petra - The Lost City of the Nabateans. There is something for every interest and most subjects. Petra is located in a geological fault that forms part of the Great Rift Valley that extends down into Africa. The historical interest is clear, but study the massive edifices carved from the solid rock and consider the technology used to achieve such wonders. This location of this city is a cleft in the mountain of an arid desert, yet the ever rescoureful Nabeteans developed a water system that delivered fresh water to their city through a series of pipes and gutters - the technology of which has not been improved on even today. An English or Drama student would be fascinated and inspired by this location that formed one of the backdrops for the Indiana Jones Film - The Last Crusade.

The lover of adventure will certainly enjoy the 4x4 drive in Wadi Rum - the backyard of the British Liaison Officer - Laurance of Arabia. Included in this trip is a visit to Laurance's house and Wadi Um Ishrin where you can find Nabatean Inscriptions. The wind erroded sandstone sculptures of Wadi Rum are an inspiration to artists and provide some dramatic shapes and curves with which to practise their skills.


Educational trips to Jordan and the Red Sea for schools, colleges and universitiesBy contrast to the Dead Sea, the Red Sea is teeming with underwater wildlife. The warm waters of this sea at Aqaba make it the ideal place for bathing, boating and snorkelling, or just taking it easy on the beach. The holiday adventurer can even take part in water skiing, diving or sailing. The Red Sea provides some of the best areas in the Northern Hemisphere to see marine life in its unspoilt environment. You can take part in Scuba Diving, Snorkelling or just enjoy the incredible beauty as you gaze in wonder from a glass bottomed boat. There are a variety of optional day tours which you can take part in depending upon your taste.

School Trips to Jordan and PetraIf you would like further information about this fascinating and exciting trip then please get in touch using the Booking Enquiry form (see link below). We will be pleased to discuss your educational requirements and how this trip is of benefit to students of History, Geography, Biology, Religious Studies, Technology, Art and English. If you require a special emphasis or would like to spend more time studying a particular aspect of this trip then please let us know. We can tailor-make this trip to suit your requirements.


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